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Widely known by our brand name ‘Buvi’, we are one of the leading weighing scale manufactures in Coimbatore. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we offer high quality weighing machines to our customers.


Our focus is to fulfill our customer's requirements by offering the best weighing machine and after-sales service on a reasonable cost.


We wish to continue manufacturing and providing high quality weighing machines and its components and promise on time delivery.


We are committed to providing our customers rigorously tested weighing machines to the highest international standards.


We strive to improve our company’s growth, customer base and continuously enhance the effectiveness of our management system.

Our Product Ranges

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    Table Top Series

    These weighing scales are highly compatible and are used in counters at grocery shops, confectioneries and many more.

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    Chicken Scale

    Chicken scales are digital weighing machines that are used in meat shops, restaurants and sometimes in supermarkets.

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    Platform Scales

    Used in big warehouses and industries of the highest quality and provide digital counting scale for large products.

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    Customizable Machine

    These come with their own software and can be programmed according to your requirements and can be attached to external gadgets.

About Us

About Our Company

Established in 2017, Swen Technologies has grown into becoming one of the leading weighing scale manufacturers in Coimbatore. We are popularly known by our brand name ‘Buvi’. Our quality products have been duly recognized with the coveted ISO 9001 certificate.

Why Choose Us

Among various reasons to choose us, three stands out.

We take quality of our products seriously. We ensure we deliver long-lasting, hassle-free, thoroughly tested weighing machines to our customers.
Our products’ costs are carefully determined, keeping in mind the sensitivities of startups and small scale businesses.
We are not into just selling products, we are in this to build lasting relationships. We tend to your queries and issues long after you have purchased our products.

We Understand Your Business

At Swen Technologies, we ensure that our products are the solution to problems faced by your business.

We undergo diligent research in understanding your business and develop products that are useful. Our wide-range of weighing machines cater to every unique set of business requirements and we continue to invent more.

  • Our operations team recommends the right products for you
  • Our research team are always working towards the next best solution
  • We keep your current and future business needs in mind
  • All our weighing machines are durable and compatible

Looking for the right weighing machine for your business?

Let us know and we will get in touch with you, almost immediately.


Our Happy Client

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